Our Services

JBT offers a comprehensive transport solution that ensures our customers needs are met whether it be a single parcel delivery up to and including full load consignments. 

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our clients and tailoring a logistics solution that meets their expectations and delivers a high quality service throughout the supply chain. 

IT solutions play an important part in the supply chain and JBT work closely with clients to ensure that good communication is maintained and that technology is used to maximise efficiencies. JBT are always keen to lead developments but are also understanding that a joint approach with clients is often required so that the best tailored solution can be reached.  

At the Heart of the operation is our road traffic system that ensures control of all order processing, warehouse control, resource planning, despatch, pricing, proof of delivery, KPI reporting as well as our accounts functions.  

JBT are proud to be associated with the following organisations